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We’re Back!

Welcome to our new Orange County Employment Attorney Blog – your resource for important news and developments concerning California employee rights.

Our Sexy New Look.

Yep, we’ve had some work done, but now we’re back with the same great blog dedicated to exploring noteworthy issues facing California employees. As you can see, we’ve re-published a few of our previous articles incase you missed them before we went on hiatus. Aside from that, we’ll continue to bring you important updates and news about employment discrimination, harassment, unpaid wages and much, much more.

Why Read This Blog?

Your job is one of the most important and defining aspects of your life, therefore we believe that every employee should take the time to learn about their rights in the workplace, especially since California offers some of the most complex and protective laws concerning employee rights.

When it comes to knowing the “ins and outs” of California employment law, big employers have access to numerous resources, so why shouldn’t you? Exactly.

You can start by subscribing to this blog (upper right-hand side of this page). How easy was that? We promise to keep you entertained with news about juicy celebrity lawsuits, employees standing up to big companies and a whole lot more about everyday people fighting to protect their rights and hold employers accountable for their bad behavior.

In addition, we’ll let you know about important court decisions and recently enacted employment laws and explain how they might affect you as a California employee.

But Remember: This Blog is Not Legal Advice.

Yes, please remember that, while the blog’s authors are Orange County Employment Attorneys, their articles are not meant to constitute legal advice or establish any lawyer-client relationship.  Every case has its own unique facts and circumstances and you should always seek the personal advice of an employment attorney before making any drastic decisions. If you think you need to speak to an employment attorney, we do know some darn good ones.

In the Meantime.

Please explore our blog, check out our other posts and let us know if you like something or think we can make some improvements – we welcome your feedback. Also, stay tuned (subscribe!) for more posts about employment-related news and developments (both the good, the bad, and especially the ugly).


– Orange County Employment Attorney Blog Team